Welcome to the Sacred Rose Temple. My name is Tracey White and I am a practicing High Priestess of Magdalene, a Channeler, Soul Energy Healer and Celebrant. I have strong spiritual connections with both Ancient Egypt and Greece where a lot of my teachings and knowledge come from, as well as from my wonderful spiritual path as a Magdalene High Priestess. I am the founder of this sacred temple and also a psychic medium and a spiritual healer where I provide these services as the Spiritual Lightworker in my other special spiritual place at Spiritual Lightworker. If you wish to book me for any other reading or healing services then please visit and book via my Spiritual Lightworker website.

This sacred temple of the rose is the heart, the self and the soul of ourselves with the rose representing the heart. It holds within everything that we have experienced in the past, the present and also what is in store for us in the future. The temple is where the deepest aspects of our soul and spirit resides and is where we will find our ultimate truth and what is destined for us for our highest good. It is also the place where the deepest of my spiritual work and divine connection to the most ancient gods and goddesses will be coming from.

As a High Priestess I have been guided by my soul and spiritual guides to open the Sacred Rose Temple. This is a sacred place within which allows me to perform ceremonies, rights of passage and to provide end of life support for those who are coming to the end stage of their life, as well as supporting those in the beginning of their life. This can both be by physical and emotional means at any time of life where love and support is most needed. 

I offer the following services :~

  • Ceremonies
  • Handfasting/Wedding Ceremonies
  • Naming Ceremonies
  • Funeral and Passing Over Ceremonies
  • Egyptian Ceremonial Soul Energy Healing

Just like the self, the Sacred Rose Temple is forever evolving, expanding and creating new beginnings and spiritual services which will always come from the heart, the light and the place of love. I look forward to connecting with you with heartfelt love.

Sending pure love from my heart to yours

Tracey White XXX