Naming and Baptism Ceremonies

As a high priestess and celebrant I can offer to perform your Naming and Baptism Ceremony tailored to your wishes. This wonderful ceremony will be totally bespoke and tailored to your wishes. The whole ceremony will be written for and about you and/or your baby. I do not have to follow any particular tradition or any religious doctrine which means giving you the total freedom to make your day totally unique to you and as you want it to be.

Naming Ceremonies are a wonderful way to celebrate and mark a new arrival with love and joy. It is also a nice alternative to a traditional baptism for those wishing to have a ceremony that is totally bespoke to them and their family. Naming Ceremonies and Baptisms are not only for babies but can also be nicely adapted for adults too. Maybe you want a ceremony to be held for a new name or for any new beginning such as a name change after a divorce, to welcome a new adoption, to welcome a new spiritual name, to celebrate a name changed by deed poll and any other precious new beginning as the new you.

I will help and guide you on the ceremony itself including your promises, prayers, poems, music, flowers and rituals along with anything else that you may wish or need. I will work with you to create the perfect ceremony which will be totally bespoke and unique to both you and the one receiving their baptism or naming ceremony by: –

  • Working with you for the perfect ceremony
  • Advising on any prayers, poems, music, flowers and rituals and anything else you may wish or need on the day
  • Delivering your Naming Ceremony or Baptism totally unique to you

I will also book the whole day solely for you so there will be no other ceremonies or other spiritual services booked that day which will leave this whole special day dedicated to you.


The fee for a Naming and Baptism ceremony starts from £300… depending on locality and any additional travel and expenses that may be necessary.


I also provide Naming and Baptism ceremonies for pets so they too can enjoy being welcomed into their new family. Please visit my page for pet ceremonies for further information.